[Oakken.Net] Arcadia

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F1 Connect: client.connect oakken.net:28015

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Welcome to Arcadia! This is Oakken.Net’s Rust server. We operate as a moderately modded server to enhance key features of the game and provide better interactions between PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment). Here you can find a detailed list of events and mods we currently use.


We encourage all players to leave feedback and suggestions on our Discord server in the #suggestions channel.


We also have several clans and a growing player base. Want to join or start a clan? Check out the #recruitment channel on Discord!


Please note that Rust will perform mandatory wipes on all servers sometimes. These wipes could either be map wipes; which deletes all player objects, blueprint wipes; which deletes all player known blueprints, or both. These wipes generally happen with major content patches which are usually on the first Thursday of the month. If a known wipe is incoming it will be announced on our Discord under #announcements.



We host events at different arenas on the map. Players are prohibited from accessing these arenas when not in an event. Please note that when you join an event your main world character “sleeps” in place. Be sure to seek shelter before joining an event!


To join an event type “/event” in the chat box to bring up the event menu. You can also type “/stats” to view server-wide and individual stats for events. The event types we currently offer are:



+ Free-For-All

+ Team Deathmatch

+ Survival

+ Team Survival

+ Gun Game

+ One In The Chamber

+ Capture The Flag

+ NPC Survival

+ Slasher (COMING SOON)




We use the following mods, along with a few backend mods to enhance the quality of life for players. Mods may be added or removed as time progresses.


+ Auto Fuel

+ Auto Purge

+ Balloon Plus

+ Bed Rename Blocker

+ Building Actions

+ Chest Stacks

+ Clans

+ Death Marker

+ External Wall Protect

+ Flippable Turrets

+ Furnace Splitter

+ Garage

+ Hacker

+ Leveler

+ NPCs

+ Medic Revive

+ Quests

+ Recycle Blueprints

+ Oakken.Net Store

+ Zombies!


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