Who We Are:

We are a small community of gaming and cyber enthusiast looking to expand our reach and grow our community. We offer a variety of services while maintaining a great community driven environment to ensure your experience is enjoyable.


The Goal:

The goal is simple, we want to establish a chilled community for like-minded gamers. Somewhere easy you can find friends and play your favorite games together. 


Our Plan:

We strive to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience. We accomplish this by maintaining quality over quantity. We pay attention to small details and listen to our community for what they expect out of us. Our staff deliverers exceptional moderation and content creation.



Our community is also active with many other games and enjoy playing with others!

We love working with partners for content creation such as streamers, video creators, and artist!

Please feel free to contact any of our staff with any questions, comments or concerns. Want to be part of the staff? Please contact an @Owner.

As we continue to grow please check back for more information on servers, services, communities and games! Thank you!

Oakken.Net prides itself on being a mature, friendly, and fun community. All users of Oakken.Net services are bound by these rules.


Our accountability system is simple, you get three strikes. One is a verbal warning, two is a 24-hour ban, and three is a permanent ban from all Oakken.Net services. To avoid this, please follow the following rules:


1. No hateful, hurtful or obnoxious comments/posts/chats.

2. No bashing or heated arguments with other people. Take it to Direct Messaging (DM) or DM staff if needed.

3. No adult (18+), explicit or sexual messages. (Including names/avatars) 

4. No racist or degrading content. (Including names/avatars) 

5. No spamming/trolling. This applies for all chat systems. Use common sense and don't annoy people.

6. Do not use or post exploits/cheats/hacks.

7. No Real Money Trading (RMT).

8. No posting any unauthorized links to other communities/discords. Contact the staff before posting other communities. This will result in an instant-ban.

9. Be a decent human being and be considerate to others in most cases. A lot of our games have pvp aspects, this is meant to be a fun way for competitive engagements, not an excuse for being hateful.

Oakken.Net uses Discord as our primary means of communication. The best way to stay up-to-date, see the statuses of our servers and find other players to join is to join our Discord at https://discord.gg/EHdpShJ. Once you have joined Discord you can unlock each game section by going to the #bot-commands channel and joining the game role you want. Please see below.



Currently we support three game roles: Minecraft, Rust and WoW

For example, your command should look like this if you want access to the rust section of Discord:


As we grow, we will continue to develop new services we offer. Currently we host private, well-defined servers for the following games. We also enjoy playing many games that we do not currently host servers for and community members are in no way locked in to only play on our servers!

| Ark

[Oakken.Net] Eden

25 Slots


[Modded] | [Ragnarok Map] | [PvP]

| Minecraft

[Oakken.Net] The Tellus Realm

50 Slots

Direct Connect: oakken.net:27021

[Plugins] | [Multiverse] | [Towny]


| Miscreated

[Oakken.Net] Orca Island

50 Slots


[Modded] | [PvP]


| Rust

[Oakken.Net] Oak Island

75 Slots

F1 Connect: client.connect oakken.net:27045

[Vanilla] | [3500 Size Map] | [Monthly Wipes] | [3 Month BP Wipes]


[Oakken.Net] The Iron Isle

100 Slots

F1 Connect: client.connect oakken.net:27041

[Modded] | [Custom Map] | [Monthly Wipes] | [3 Month BP Wipes] | [+ Much More]


| Scum

[Oakken.Net] TEC1 Penitentiary

20 Slots




| Terraria

[Oakken.Net] Terra

15 Slots


[Hardcore] | [Crimson]


[Oakken.Net] Gaea

15 Slots


[Normal] | [Corruption]


| World of Warcraft

[Oakken.Net] Archaic

300 Slots




[Oakken.Net] Arcadia

300 Slots





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